Online Community

Peer interaction is alive and well at our free online high school Colorado, and in fact, many students report getting to know peers in their online community whom they would have never met otherwise because of social or geographic barriers. Students interact regularly in their live classes and tutoring sessions, and have opportunities to work on group projects and discussions. Contributing to class blogs and forums is another great way for students to interact, express their opinions and learn from others in a less-formal environment than a classroom.

School Clubs and Organizations

Students at Provost have the opportunity to be involved in extracurricular clubs and organizations through our online high school community. These clubs plan events, activities, fieldtrips and projects that foster interest and exploration. We survey our students and parents and base our clubs and activities on their interests.

We encourage students to pursue activities such as sports, dance, music and volunteering as well. A student interested in an activity not offered by Provost Academy may be able to attend that activity in their school district of residence if it is offered there. This requires special permission from the school district of residence, and is not necessarily guaranteed. We also encourage students to participate in activities through local organizations outside of school.

Events and Fieldtrips

Throughout the year, we organize events and fieldtrips to extend student learning and give students a chance to interact with one another and with their community. Many of these activities (including dances and social events) will be based on student and parent support and interest.

Provost Academy Colorado also works to establish partnerships with local, statewide and national organizations. By collaborating with organizations such as community colleges, libraries and museums we can offer many activities and programs that enrich the lives of students working toward their high school diploma.

Have a suggestion for a great partner? We are always looking to strengthen our network. We would be happy to hear your suggestion!

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School Culture

What We Believe

Provost Academy Colorado uses a collaborative student-teacher model to provide a truly individualized learning experience, and to encourage students to take ownership of their education. That collaborative relationship is valued and promoted in everything that we do.

Our Academy is a community of families and educators dedicated to student success. We believe that in the 21st century, a sound background in science and mathematics is the key to student success, and that well-rounded, inspired students are the best prepared for life after high school. We strive to develop a unique and supportive community that encourages academic excellence as well as civic and social involvement.

Eight Core Values

Character development is an important part of our online high school experience. Provost Academy Colorado emphasizes the Eight Core Values program of our partner EdisonLearning - wisdom, justice, courage, compassion, hope, respect, responsibility and integrity - as essential elements of our school culture.

By actively promoting and embracing the core values throughout learning activities, we provide a clear reference point that encourages the formation of a positive learning culture and guides all that we do. This is true for all members of our community, including teachers, administrators, support staff and students.

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